PayPal drops mobile check deposit

Check this out do like using check capture services on my phone to take pictures of checks and having them magically though slowly, usually days appear in my account. In their previous paypal check deposit availability app, you could see that paypal check deposit availability had uploaded a check, and that it was pending.

Now, you upload a check, and you get no indication of whether you should be expecting money to magically appear in your account at some time in the future.

On March 21, I deposited two paypal check deposit availability from the same payor. On March 22 or 23, I deposited an additional check, from a different payor. One of the two March 21 checks showed up on March I figure that the other two checks will show up soon. But as the days tick by, no sign of the funds. On April 9, I send paypal an email inquiry, asking them if they can tell me whether the checks are still pending. Within an hour or two, Canadian money bingo printable get an email back in which they say this:.

It might take a bit longer depending on the questionbut we try hard not to keep you waiting longer than 72 hours. I call paypal check deposit availability line noted in their app for customer support, and waited about 10 minutes or so to talk to a live person.

I receive the following answers:. Like I said, he was plenty courteous. But at least Robin still has the paper checks after the originals were converted into ones and zeros and then sent into the ether. Want Consumerist in your inbox? We will not sell or rent your email. Related what to know about checks. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

How Do I Deposit a Check Into a PayPal Account? | It Still Works | Giving Old Tech a New Life

Learn more in Community Events. Please keep read article mind that the funds availability date is an estimate based on the expected date of delivery plus three full days. You can learn more in paypal check deposit availability post. Uh sorry miss Olivia It certainly has no valid reason for holding on to it for a week after it paypal check deposit availability been delivered.

What business does this? Your not a bank waiting for someones personal check to clear. This is very bad business. I will be cancelling my paypal account as soon as this payment clears. Too bad because I have been shopping on ebay and using paypal for a long time.

Sad too, I really enjoyed this, but this is a deal breaker. We paypal check deposit availability on access to that money faster than weeks. I the paypal check deposit availability problem.

Shipped on the 4th, product received by the 7th. Funds should have been available on the 18th. Now its the 20th and nothing. I had shipped at the post office and then added tracking to eBay site. Apparently doing it that way does not inform paypal that paypal check deposit availability is shipped and received.

Here are the instructions for that as sent from paypal via email. If you used a shipping company that offers online tracking, you can add shipment tracking information to the transaction on your PayPal account.

After you click "Save," the buyer receives an email to let them know that you entered the shipment tracking information for this transaction. The email includes the tracking number, order status, and shipping company.

Your funds will be released 3 days read more we have your tracking information and can confirm your item was delivered. Be polite, but persistent, and insist that they tell you why your account has paypal check deposit availability flagged as a high risk account.

Explain to them politely of course that the policy as outlined on their website click the following article that funds will be available immediately unless your are considered a high risk. If you have not had money held for past sale transactions, again insist that they tell you what has changed paypal check deposit availability your account that it is now flagged as a high risk account.

The paypal check deposit availability person you talk to will likely not be able to tell you anything. Ask to talk to a supervisor or someone who can help you. I managed to get the hold taken off items that have sold since my call to them last Friday. Unfortunately, they are still holding money from prior sales that have been shipped.

I was told on Friday by the customer service representative I spoke with that my account looked fine and that he would submit it for re-evaluation. He said that process would take 24 hours. Fortunately, it seems money from future sales will not be held. Emails are much too easy to answer with a simple canned response.

Remember, you are the customer and you are the one paying for this service. Ignore my last message. The day after I managed to convince to release the hold on my funds, PayPal enacted a hold of their own.

I have zero trust paypal check deposit availability PayPal and eBay, and would never trust them to fairly arbitrate a dispute. I have ended my auctions and am waiting for the final funds to clear in PayPal so that I can close my PayPal account.

I think this is the last time I do business thru paypal. This is completely unacceptable. From what I am paypal check deposit availability it seems this activity is becoming more prevelant with Paypal. Funds I received were just held. First time in the several years of buying and selling on Ebay and using Paypal. I just wonder if the federal judge who hears this one will agree OR if they can handle the member backlash from it.

Because I am already looking for alternatives. Ask the Community Help the Community. Send Request Business Help Community. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Estimated funds availability Janurary 16, All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

I hope this helps! Olivia If this post or any other was helpful, please enrich more info community by giving kudos or accepting it as a solution. Im thinking of contacting a lawyer to see if what youre doing is even legal.

I called paypal, they tracked it and released the funds. Log in to your PayPal paypal check deposit availability. Click "History" near the top of the page.

Find the transaction you want to send tracking information and click "Details. Im having the same problem. I sold two items this week and the payment on eBay shows payment processing the buyers contacted me and said it shows funds not claimed.

Does anyone know why this is happening??????? Privacy Legal Policy updates.

Depositing checks with PayPal Mobile

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